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Limited edition poetry chapbooks, free poetry ebooks and blog.

Welcome to the Red Ceilings Press where we publish contemporary poetry in the form of limited edition chapbooks and free ebooks.

The Red Ceilings originally started out as a poetry blog for both new and established contemporary poets and quickly expanded into publishing an ebook series of online and downloadable booklets. We have now started our latest venture - a series of limited edition A6 pocket sized chapbooks.


The Red Ceilings Press are accepting new work from September 2014.

We welcome submissions for our ebook series, chapbooks and blog. We like innovative, experimental and avant-garde poetry in particular.

In general we tend to use the ebook series to publish world poets and the chapbooks to show UK poets. Translations are very welcome.

Send your submissions to in either rtf or doc format, or if submitting for the blog then in the body of an email will do.

blog & ebooks
New voices to the blog are most welcome but please don't submit more than 5 poems.

The ebooks, because of their nature, can be of any length, but poetry only please.

The chapbooks are in A6 format so please consider this when sending poems of longer line length. We don't want to set your fine work at 6pt.

If accepted we will ask you to take a minimum of 10 copies of the book at a reduced price (along with a complimentary copy) to help us to continue publishing.

Ebook & chapbook poets should preferably have a previous publication history. So, please mention where your work has appeared in your submission email and also provide a brief biography.


The Red Ceilings Press

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New chapbook - Saturday Morning Pictures by Mark Russell
New ebook - anyone for anymore by Rufo Quintavalle

Recent additions - Badlands of the Real by Peter Dent
Gleams & Fractions
by Colin Winborn
by Tom Jenks
OBJECTS by Andrew Spragg
default soul ~ tim allen
“Tim Allen creates a lot of new problems with Default Soul. Each paradox the poem creates is accompanied by the certain feeling of experiencing a paradox, which then works itself out for a line or a stanza as the text becomes a kind of dynamic movement (and not ‘like’ a kind of dynamic movement): “put the sea back where you found it”.

Edmund Hardy

Review by Steve Spence here
Default Soul, Tim Allen
Chapbook - April 2014
objects ~ andy spragg
chapbook [rcp cb28]
A6 48pp 35 copies
£7.00 inc. p&p (UK)
I’d rather not believe it yet what this book tells me in predated scan. OBJECTS are what kind of scaler is the earth, looking as the future. An OBJECT can be positive flood ache, proleptic Atlantis, a zipping line. Submergence and emergence, forests under water, flicking off sense. This is really good. A rare and budding song of the anthropocene. If I don’t read it I won’t yet know. Deal with it. Without a hood. Read it, without a flick. The rains coming, graphed here, without object leave a hoodless silhouette. Important to care for the destruction zipped off by the illiteral rain. Niagraesque inundation of objects without hood. OBJECTS is Noah with an objective correlate. Go to the plex.
Jonty Tiplady
OBJECTS, Andrew Spragg
Chapbook - April 2014
chapbook [rcp cb27]
A6 52pp 35 copies
£7.00 inc. p&p (UK)
crabtree ~tom jenks
chapbook [rcp cb29]
A6 48pp 35 copies
£7.00 inc. p&p (UK)
Crabtree reads like a cross between Mercian Hymns and Viz, as if Barry MacSweeney’s Ranter has saddled up with Johnny Vegas for a night at the end of Blackpool Pier. Crabtree is a thumbnail guide to a very contemporary England: we never drive far through these umbrous hills before coming to a Travelodge. As the audience delights in the frolics, Jenks, Albion’s greatest surrealist, is found finetuning his metrical gifts : at least that was his excuse for taking longer in the shower. Through the humour of the sequence the shadiness of our times is revealed. I’ll carry mine as a pocket-sized Magna Carta to swat back the saturation of all extraneous data – Chris McCabe
Crabtree, Tom Jenks
Chapbook - June 2014
gleams & fractions ~ colin winborn
Can seeing be seen? Can the unseen? Colin Winborn’s poems and sequences tussle with these possibilities, these paradoxes until they appear to turn themselves inside out in front of us. This is a vantage-point: the resulting affective echo-chambers seem to see from - and to speak out of - writing itself. The very first line of this new chapbook asks ‘If you can find a language for this’. He does.” –
Rob Stanton
chapbook [rcp cb30]
A6 60pp 30 copies
£8.00 inc. p&p (UK)
Gleams & Fractions, Colin Winborn
Chapbook - July 2014
ebook [rcp 58] A5 48pp - free
issuu | pdf

anyone for anymore ~ rufo quintavalle
Rufo Quintavalle
is a British poet based in Paris. He is the author of
Weather Derivatives (Eyewear Publishing, 2014), moral hazard and the chemical sweats (corrupt press, 2013), Dog, cock, ape and viper (corrupt press, 2011), Liquiddity (Oystercatcher Press, 2011) and Make Nothing Happen (Oystercatcher Press, 2009). He was formerly the poetry editor for the webzine, Nthposition, and has served on the editorial board of the Paris-based literary journal, Upstairs at Duroc.
anyone for anymore, Rufo Quintavalle
ebook - July 2014
badlands of the real ~ peter dent

Functions at a low ebb. Likelihood expands

as we’re talking. In longhand,
which takes us forever or highlights
what not so excusably serves and passes

for ‘the exploratory’. Meaning, stuffed like
a soft animal. And one a good deal
more adept than the rest. So many

in the herd. To graze a miniature prairie or be sold for a song? Who knowing
the lyrics actually wants it, to be

fumbled for such a weird complexity. Cut.

Badlands of the Real, Peter Dent
Chapbook - August 2014
chapbook [rcp cb31]
A6 32pp 40 copies
£6.00 inc. p&p (UK)
Saturday Morning Pictures, Mark Russell
Chapbook - February 2015
saturday morning pictures ~ mark russell
chapbook [rcp cb32]
A6 54pp 30 copies
£7.00 inc. p&p (UK)
Mark Russell

Mark Russell has been a lecturer in Theatre Arts, a journalist, a teacher of Drama, and is a member of the St Mungo’s Mirrorball poets’ collective in Glasgow. His pamphlet Pursued by Well-being is published by tall lighthouse (2013), and he has had poetry published by Molly Bloom, Tears in the Fence, Shadowtrain, Otoliths, and fourfold.