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Bull ~ James Roome
Bull, James Roome
March 2019
chapbook [rcp cb60]A6 42pp 40 copies
£6.00 inc. p&p (UK)
£7.50 inc. p&p (Europe)
£9.00 inc p&p (World)

From its opening lines, you won’t be able to put Bull down until you reach the end. A fabulously funny and oddly moving first collection. It reads like Ted Hughes crossed with James Tate, but James Roome has a distinctive voice all his own. It is a voice which promises great things to come."

Ian Seed

mutant summers new histories ~ peter dent
Mutant Summers New Histories, Peter Dent
July 2019
chapbook [rcp cb61]A6 50pp 40 copies
£6.00 inc. p&p (UK)
£7.50 inc. p&p (Europe)
£9.00 inc p&p (World)
Peter Dent

A striking feature of the collection [
Unrestricted Moment] is the confidence with which Dent has developed his own “negotiations with words”, a syntax which has not abandoned the linear movement of poetry, but has adapted it. Each separated cluster of words seeks additional meaning as the eye slides up, as well as down the page. The result, as with cubist art, is a myriad of perspectives on the subject matter, always provocative and often achieving elegance.

Will Daunt
micro event space ~ robert sheppard
Micro Event Space, Robert Sheppard
July 2019
chapbook [rcp cb62]A6 50pp 40 copies
£6.00 inc. p&p (UK)
£7.50 inc. p&p (Europe)
£9.00 inc p&p (World)
Micro Event Space
A short book of short poems and sequences of brief lyrics. A variety of forms: the haiku which Robert Sheppard has inherited, but refunctioned into prose paragraphs; the Twittersonnet that he invented (with a little fictional friend). Collaborative glyph-like micro-poems share this tight corner with a sequence of curt discursive trackings of the working week. Small poems about small things – the flea, Pluto, a Mayan dwarf – recognise that they are diminutive in different ways. A little detail like a Klansman’s hat peeping through a car roof has monstrous potential. The micro event space of the poem is one of miniature responsibilities.
Gogol is my Uncle ~ David Berridge
Gogol is my Uncle, David Berridge
September 2019
chapbook [rcp cb63]A6 58pp 45 copies
£6.00 inc. p&p (UK)
£7.50 inc. p&p (Europe)
£9.00 inc p&p (World)
Gogol is my Uncle
A Gogol is my Uncle is an elegant, frequently beautiful, startling and profoundly clever sortie of poems by David Berridge. It manages, as is indicative of Berridge’s output, to be both immediate and fugacious, dense and light. It’s full of graceful mediations, never feels cautious or overworked, and repays serious attention with serious generosity. It’s work that needs doing and is yet another instalment in Berridge’s remarkable contribution to British poetry in the 21st century, working margins of thought into animated language.

- SJ Fowler
Lake-Skin As Eye ~ Mark Goodwin
Lake-Skin As Eye, Mark Goodwin
October 2019
chapbook [rcp cb64]A6 38pp 40 copies
£6.00 inc. p&p (UK)
£7.50 inc. p&p (Europe)
£9.00 inc p&p (World)
Lake-Skin As Eye
“Mark Goodwin’s words operate at levels beyond the ordinary – being able to fragment and reconvene in startlingly fresh aggregations. It’s hard not to liken them to the rocks and pebbles he’s at home with in his climbing and walking – or to picture the craftsman busy at his bench sorting, cutting, and polishing. Readers are required to bring similar levels of attention to bear – which effort will be amply rewarded. To be alert to the opportunities his words offer is to become a traveller in expectation and uncommon delight.”

- Peter Dent
swimming ~ charlie bayliss
swimming, charlie baylis
October 2019
chapbook [rcp cb65]A6 38pp 60 copies
£6.00 inc. p&p (UK)
£7.50 inc. p&p (Europe)
£9.00 inc p&p (World)
“Baylis’s ’swimming’ is one of those rare, romantic sequences that manages to both play with language while taking language incredibly seriously. Poems take surprising syntactical turns, and elliptical images are always resurfacing, like Baylis’s own divers coming up for air. ’swimming’ is a kaleidoscopic exploration of love, pop culture and memory; it is a pamphlet that takes pleasure in the subjectivity of each object: streets blister, moons sweat and poppies cartwheel. Oscillating between bitter skepticism and yearning nostalgia, Baylis’s poetry, in the best possible meaning of the phrase, is haunted by its own content and language.”er in expectation and uncommon delight.”

- Sarah Fletcher
44 Poems and a Volta ~ James Davies
44-Poems and a Volta, James Davies
November 2019
chapbook [rcp cb66]A6 58pp 40 copies
£6.00 inc. p&p (UK)
£7.50 inc. p&p (Europe)
£9.00 inc p&p (World)
44-Poems and a Volta
“Those familiar with James Davies’ work will know of his fondness for literary experiments. In Forty-Four Poems and a Volta, he takes poetic language back to the lab, dips it in some sort of weird, fizzing liquid and puts it in a tumble driver which doubles as a miniature version of the Large Hadron Collider, then throws in a punnet of yellow stickered plums and a peanut butter cheesecake for good measure. These are poems which go to the edge of comprehensibility and have a picnic. They are funny, deceptively formal and utterly unique. It all makes sense if you let it.”

- Tom Jenks
Wung chan e ~ Calum Hazell
Wung chan e: The Preparations 1-7, Calum Hazell
November 2019
chapbook [rcp cb67]A6 58pp 40 copies
£6.00 inc. p&p (UK)
£7.50 inc. p&p (Europe)
£9.00 inc p&p (World)
Wung chan e
“Calum Hazell is at once technician and thaumaturge, a poet whose hyper-precise bevels and chamfers of language attain to the intangibly marvellous. At first glance,
Wung chan e offers up some of the most punishingly reticulated poetry out there. Hazell seems to speed up poetry, to make it more efficient—here replacing anthropic poetic lines with an automated grid of virgules; there imbuing discursive registers with a machinic auctoritas. But this bleeding edge poetry is neither Futurism redux nor Accelerationism manqué. Neither is it a receptacle for the merely miraculous. Always, something familiarly warm and messy teems beneath the numinous chrome edifice, asking to be engaged with. Approached generously, Wung chan e is itself generous, liberating words from the citadels of sentiment in which they so often immured. A thrilling and vertiginous reminder that human language, at its root, is pliant, surprising, material.”

- Colin Lee Marshall

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