each birdlike reference
skyscrapers < the fiery snow

i can’t locate the map
or it locates me

easy to love
there is no night

rope-wire necromancy
inoculation kettle

stealthily introducing
away from its horizon •there is no night•

they dispatched us in the form of a postcard
all dressed for the dance

we travelled
all puffy with sunrises

this book is being eaten
this book has been cruel to itself
adrift, Simon Howard
Limited edition chapbook- february 2011
© The Red Ceilings Press 2015
Fights XX- the Songs of Salvador Sánchez , SJ Fowler
Limited edition chapbook - march 2011
fights xx - s j fowler
Fights XX- the Songs of Salvador Sánchez

Salvador Sanchez made his professional boxing debut at 16 years of age in 1975. He amassed a record of 44 wins in 46 fights, with one loss and one draw. After beating the best fighters of his generation, he is considered by many as one of the greatest featherweight boxers ever. He died in a car crash, aged just 23.
limited edition chapbook [rcp cb2] A6 24pp 40 copies
£3.50 inc. p&p (UK)
limited edition chapbook [rcp cb1] A6 24pp 40 copies
£3.50 inc. p&p (UK)

Tim Allen
David Berridge
Michael Blackburn
The Camarade Project
Wayne Clements
Nikolai Duffy
Stephen Emmerson
Ollie Evans
SJ Fowler
Simon Howard
Peter Hughes
Tom Jenks
Joshua Jones
Gordon Mason
Chris McCabe
James McLaughlin
Lars Palm
Bobby Parker
Andy Spragg
Paul Sutton
David Tomaloff
Gareth Twose
Tom Watts
Patrick Williamson
Colin Winborn
what's in a , lars palm
Limited edition chapbook - early april 2011
what's in a - lars palm
1 – hey! you! outside now!

come out & play

come out to show them

come on out for a bite

we know you’re in there

we have the house surrounded

hands where we can see them

come out & play
limited edition chapbook [rcp cb3] A6 28pp 40 copies
£3.50 inc. p&p (UK)
the fleetingest, Andy Spragg
Limited edition chapbook - 2nd edition -may 2011
the fleetingest - andy spragg
limited edition chapbook [rcp cb4] A6 24pp 30 copies
£3.50 inc. p&p (UK)
Gemstones, Paul Sutton
Limited edition chapbook - late may 2011
gemstones - paul sutton
a. Aquamarine

Cloudy and uncut, dichroic,
clear and then you’re underwater
looking up.

Edith Sitwell dripped them,
however poor she got.
The jewel of origins,
diving in,
no fear of surfacing.

limited edition chapbook [rcp cb5] A6 16pp 40 copies
£3.50 inc. p&p (UK)
The Scavengers of London, Tom Watts
Limited edition chapbook - june 2011
the scavengers of london - tom watts

flood of buildings. London’s
many little streams & flatlands
after the conquest of Waterloo

the metropolis sacrificed
engulfed by fruit & vegetables
the marshiness of much

woodcock & snipe
five fields till the middle
decaying stalks of the flowering rush

by the osier pond. A common
bird along a small hillock
instead of through a sewer

limited edition chapbook [rcp cb6] A6 20pp 40 copies
£3.50 inc. p&p (UK)
Pocket Venus, Michael Blackburn
Limited edition chapbook - july 2011
pocket venus - michael blackburn

they didn’t teach you to lie
it came to you as naturally
as a river falling down
they believed you
your lies acquired the kind of truth
films have, and memories
so even when you’re saying nothing
you’re still lying

limited edition chapbook [rcp cb7] A6 28pp 40 copies
£3.50 inc. p&p (UK)
Uncle Salvador's Cigar, Gordon Mason
Limited edition chapbook - august 2011
uncle salvador's cigar ~ gordon mason
Lot 30
a rare Wemyss ware powder box painted with fishing boats at dusk in yellow, red, pink and black, impressed mark, 9cm diameter

Dusk seeps through
the creak of masts and sails
into the stammer of the sea.

I watch silhouettes
stand up to be counted
from the silence-lashed shore.

Whispers of an old tune
idle in my head.
I am not one year older.

limited edition chapbook [rcp cb8] A6 36pp 40 copies
£4.00 inc. p&p (UK)
Building Murder with a Smile, Bobby Parker
Limited edition chapbook - august 2011
building murder with a smile ~ bobby parker
limited edition chapbook [rcp cb9] A6 28pp 40 copies
£3.50 inc. p&p (UK)
the little shed of various lamps, Nikolai Duffy
Limited edition chapbook - september 2011
the little shed of various lamps ~ nikolai duffy
limited edition chapbook [rcp cb10] A6 44pp 40 copies
£4.00 inc. p&p (UK)

And then there wouldn’t be accidents like yours.
Maintenant: the Camarade project, Various
Limited edition chapbook - october 2011
Maintenant: the Camarade project ~ various
limited edition chapbook [rcp cb11] A6 56pp 50 copies
includes 6 colour plates
£5.00 inc. p&p (UK)

Tom Jenks & Chris McCabe
Patrick Coyle & Holly Pester
Sam Riviere & Jack Underwood
Sandeep Parmar & James Byrne
James Wilkes & Ghazal Mosadeq
Emily Critchley & Tamarin Norwood
Sean Bonney & Jeff Hilson
Marcus Slease & Tim Atkins.
With an introduction by Steven Fowler.

A Kind of Awe, Joshua Jones
Limited edition chapbook - october 2011
a kind of awe ~ joshua jones
limited edition chapbook [rcp cb12] A6 28pp 40 copies
£3.50 inc. p&p (UK)

There are things
I should probably say
to you and you
should probably say
to me that aren’t
anything to do
with this breath of smoke
I up and lose
in looking for the night
and this beginning or endpoint
of sky which sinks back
into the traffic-screech
of people on the street
going somewhere
to say something I think
I’d probably like to say

Slip, James Mclaughlin
Limited edition chapbook - november 2011
slip ~ james mclaughlin
limited edition chapbook [rcp cb13] A6 24pp 40 copies
£3.50 inc. p&p (UK)

The cornflower, for example
says ‘I’m too blue’

an illustration
pliable by swank

as the sky’s
love of incline / shade

so much is true
mollified by fact

existence can be
always nearly so

just so

Locked in, or out?, Patrick Williamson
Limited edition chapbook - november 2011
locked in, or out? ~ james williamson
limited edition chapbook [rcp cb14] A6 32pp 40 copies
£3.50 inc. p&p (UK)

Drunk, swig wine
spread life on a rag
jumble in dank underpasses
upstairs bricked

Drunk, break chunks off
wind chill crumples
gutted, was substance
loveless crowds hurl at you

Scream back, you cannot
think that far


Entitle a first collection “A mother’s
broad ruin, limey tap water.”
Make explicit your intention –
you are a relaxing gut – in fact,
all are a relaxing gut, perhaps

Quit it, and take
up quilting instead.

Go to Wanstead
you once had a dream
about going to ‘The George’
there. In fact you’ve never
been there – except by now
it’s likely you’ve been there.
There’s simply no way to
be sure.
Gnomes, Tom Jenks & Chris McCabe
Limited edition chapbook - december 2011
gnomes ~ tom jenks & chris mccabe
limited edition chapbook [rcp cb15] A6 36pp 40 copies
£3.50 inc. p&p (UK)
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